Colleen Perry, MFT
Marriage and Family Therapist


Evaluate your stress level by taking the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory


Survey of Stress Symptoms

Check each symptom that you have experienced within the last month, then count the number of items that you have checked. The symptoms must be experienced to a level that you identify as critical.

Psychological Symptoms


__ anxiety

__ loneliness


__ intrusive thoughts

__difficulty concentrating

__ relationship problems

__ forgetfulness

__ family problems

__ agitation/hyper

__ work problems

__ feeling overwhelmed

__ irritability

__ irrational thoughts/fears

__ excessive worry/obsessing

__ compulsive

__ feelings of guilt

__ confusion 

__ tearful

__ feelings of unreality

__ nightmares

__ feeling of being detached

__ social isolation/withdrawal from oneself

__ restlessness/on edge

__ apathy/indifference

__ mood swings

__ sexual dysfunction

Physical Symptoms

__ headaches

__ fatigue

__ muscle tension

__ high blood pressure

__ low back pain

__ upper back or neck pain 

__ appetite disturbance

__ diarrhea

__ digestive problems

__ clenching teeth 

__ abdominal stress

__ constipation

__ nausea

__ rash/hives

__ shaking or trembling

__ use of alcohol/cigarettes/other drugs to deal with 


__ numbness or tingling

__ feeling of choking

__ chills or hot flashes

__ bowel problems

__ sweating

__ thyroid dysfunction

__ sleep disturbance

__ other stress-related health problems

Estimate Your Stress Level

 Number of items checked estimates your level of stress


0-7 Low (within the normal range)

 8-14 Moderate (experiencing some distress)

 15-21 High (experiencing difficulty coping)

 22+ Very High (unable to cope)


As you review your symptom list think of ways that you can take care of yourself, make changes, delegate tasks to others, etc. that can alleviate the physical and emotional distress that you experience.


Printable Stress Test

Click the video above to watch a short film about anxiety and depression narrated by Brené Brown
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