Colleen Perry, MFT
Marriage and Family Therapist

The 'Selfish' Bill of Rights

I will ask for what I need.


I will say “no” to demands or obligations that don’t meet my needs.


I will express all of my feelings—positive and negative.


I will allow mistakes and choose acceptance over perfection.


I will follow my own values and beliefs.


I will say “no” to anything that I am not ready for, that is unsafe, or conflicts with my needs.


I will determine my own priorities.


I am not responsible for the actions, feelings, or behavior of others.


I will make decisions based on my feelings and needs.


I choose friends who are accepting of me.


I choose to live in a safe and nurturing environment.


I allow change and support my growth and allow others to do the same.


I have the right to be myself and accept my individuality.

I have to right not to explain, give excuses or reasons for my behavior while stating my needs clearly in the moment.

I will choose to allow other people to have judgments and not be affected by them.

I desire and accept honesty from others.


I will create an environment that generates peace and harmony.


I will treat myself with dignity and respect.


Feeling fulfilled and joyful will be a direct result of knowing and expressing my needs

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