Colleen Perry, MFT
Marriage and Family Therapist


Colleen provides individual sessions and home visits. She educates individuals through a combination of tools such as: cognitive behavioral therapy, body image work, healthy eating practices, guided imagery, trust-building exercises, self-esteem work, needs-based communication skills, relaxation techniques and goal setting. 


With Colleen's guidance and new tools, you can handle situations when behaviors feel out of control. You can learn new ways of dealing with:

*Life transitions (including divorce, marriage, birth of a child, change of job/career, children leaving home, elderly parents needing care, etc.)

* Cope better with stress

* Improve upon relationships with self, family and others 

* Seek growth and receive comfort after a traumatic event 

*Learn how to reframe an unhealthy relationship with food and connect with the needs that are currently being met with food.

*Grief and loss

*Sports performance enhancement

*Anger management

*Relationship issues

*Perfectionism and high achievers



Keynote Presentations


Colleen is also available for keynote presentations & speaking engagements. The following are examples of presentations Colleen gave in the past.

“A Needs-Based Approach in Treating Eating Disorders”


Craving Perfection: Media’s Effect on Body Image, Identity Issues, and Eating Disorders”


“How to Recognize an Eating Disorder”


“The Dangers of Dieting and Self Injurious Behaviors (cutting)”

"EEG BioFeedback: An Ideal Adjunct Therapy (For the Treatment of Trauma, Eating Disorders, and Anxiety Disorders)"

Please contact Colleen Perry at 310.259.8970 for your initial consultation or with any questions you may have.

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